Reduce the amount of community-based waste flowing into regional landfills.




Expand composting efforts on the individual and institutional levels.

2015 Goal

Better publicize existing resources for composting education; establish a handful of community composting sites.


Rappahannock Regional Solid Waste Management Board, with local Clean and Green commissions


Investigate the benefits of a food scraps collection program at a hyper-local level.


Identify interested homeowners associations who could set up pilot programs with their waste collectors.

University of Mary Washington students and faculty

Improve recycling rates across all regional localities to 50 percent.


Examine best practices from each locality, identify possible ways to replicate successes, find markets for more recyclables, educate residents and businesses.


Regional solid waste boards; Rappahannock Goodwill Industries


ON TRACK, In Process: With Fredericksburg schools, Caroline County Pilot Project