Reduce community-based greenhouse-gas emissions within the George Washington Region.


Perform a regional greenhouse-gas emissions inventory to set a baseline.


2015 Goal

Obtain support from all area localities and begin inventory. Use tools available from ICLEI-USA Local Governments for sustainability.


Fredericksburg Mayor Mary Katherine Greenlaw



Engage local elected officials to build in public policy incentives for increasing the use of renewable energy by businesses, contractors, residents and government agencies.



Enact at least one such incentive in each regional locality.


George Washington Regional Commission


Encourage all builders of new structures to meet LEED standards; write this into all local economic incentive programs.



Increase percentage of new construction projects meeting LEED standards, find opportunities to encourage this in public policy.


George Washington Regional Commission



Educate homeowners and builders about the cost benefits of highly energy efficient homes, as well as their potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.




Include a “net zero energy home” and/or a “passive home” on the 2015 Fredericksburg Area Builders Association Parade of Homes


Atlantic Builders



Start a consumer-oriented outreach campaign to give homeowners and individuals some basic tools they can use to cut their energy consumption on a daily basis.


Promote the use of clotheslines, teach consumers how to evaluate the energy efficiency of light bulbs and appliances and offer tips for making sure homes are well- insulated through electronic and traditional media.


Make this part of overall CLEAR marketing and communications efforts



Promote the use of electric and hybrid cars through demonstration and “ZIP-car” inspired rental programs.


Establish a traveling demonstration project that can showcase electric cars and how they plug in at public events.



Nan Rollison






Reduce the average distance driven per resident.


Conduct research to determine average distance driven per resident in the Region.



2015 Goal

Publish research and set a specific goal for reducing this number. (Current numbers for Fredericksburg, Stafford and Spotsylvania have already been obtained from VDOT.)



University of Mary Washington faculty and students, working with VDOT and FAMPO





Encourage development patterns that put basic needs within walking and biking distance of homes.




Make this part of all regional planning discussions; engage builders and Planning Commissions.


University of Mary Washington students and faculty




Create and/or relocate desirable jobs from areas our residents commute to into the Fredericksburg region. Increase ability to telecommute.





Encourage and support efforts already ongoing by Fredericksburg Regional Chamber of Commerce and economic development community.



University of Mary Washington Center for Economic Development




Fredericksburg Area Metropolitan Planning Organization
Virginia Department of Transportation
Commonwealth Transportation Board
Fredericksburg Regional Alliance
Fredericksburg Regional Chamber of Commerce
Local government Planning Commissions and planning departments Regional trails organizations